Saturday, November 17, 2012

For Desire to Inspire Design Crew 17 Nov. 2012

My Schematic Sketch:  This is the arrangement I'd like to suggest for this irregular, but intriguing floor plan.  Keep in mind that this is a schematic placement of furnishings without having exact dimensions of the furnishings.  Sofas may be moved closer to the fireplace, if their size and radius of their curve permits.  The dining table is located near the window to provide a dining experience that transcends the immediate interior surroundings, possible view?  This arrangement also allows for a smooth flow of service from the kitchen to the dining table.  The piano is now in a more inclusive location and balanced by the sofas and console table and lamp along the long fireplace wall.  The arched floor lamp is positioned on the other end of the sofas.   The large solid-color circular area rug "grounds" the seating in the living area.  The TV, if not left above the fireplace, could be placed on an artist's floor easel near the piano---the height being easily adjusted.  ~Sparky

Link to Saturday, 17 November Design Crew Project on Desire to Inspire.

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