Monday, October 20, 2014

Studio Improvements

My encaustic painting, Spring Rain will be included in Alpine Art Gallery's exhibit "Honoring Utah Artists" show in December.
This is me all suited up for installing insulation in my garage work space, where I have my encaustic studio.  Last week, I completed the install of wall insulation.  Next I will move on to installing insulation on the ceiling.  Above the ceiling is a loft space, for future expansion.  After the insulation is installed, I will be able to use the workspace more months during winter with the help of a space heater.
This picture was taken before installing insulation and in the middle of painting four large scale watercolor paintings this summer (That's one large watercolor on the table in the middle of the photo).  Along with the insulation project, I am reorganizing the two work spaces, one side for power tools and the other side for encaustics and other creative projects.  The new arrangement will have a more distinct division between the two areas.  Oh!  And where will I park the car?  ;o)

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