Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rework / Tabernacle Frame

Sometimes, it is necessary to step away from a project for a while and determine what is required to make it do/say precisely what we intend.  That's the case with "Parental Guidance".  I wasn't satisfied with the fledgling's face and and posture.  I thought more about how to create the pugnacious expression that was what I had in mind.  The image above shows the painting as it is now.  This photo also exhibits the stunning custom frame that was created by The Second Artist framer.  It is a tabernacle frame in character with the "iconic" style in which I created the painting.

Several years ago I painted a similar painting on paper.  It was titled "Madonna and Fledgling".  That painting sold in Park City, UT...

 "Madonna and Fledgeling" - Toni Youngblood
I was not crazy about the title of that painting but the imagery was intended to be "iconic", as in Russian icon paintings...

I further developed "Parental Guidance" and continued this somewhat staid iconic background and had the tabernacle frame built to further this formal theme.  However it may appear to have religious overtones, if the viewer does not chuckle at this painting, I have failed.

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