Monday, September 12, 2016

All the Moons Installation

 Above, Left to right:  Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Worm Moon
I snapped these quick photos of the installation at the Town Club this morning just after the eight paintings were hung.

Above, left to right:  Pink Moon, Flower Moon, Buck Moon.

Above:  Strawberry Moon.

Above:  Sturgeon Moon

Snap shots this morning following the installation of "All the Moons" at the Town Club in Salt Lake City.  Thank you, Martha Stockham and team of ladies who organized and hung my paintings.  You may see the exhibit through November mornings before 11:00.


All the Moons series began on the South Island of New Zealand in November/December 2013.  I was visiting my beau who became terminally ill and returned to his homeland for the excellent health care provided all New Zealand citizens.  I brought my sketchbook with me for my month-long visit.  I started a pen and ink series of sketches of circles, interlocking in most cases, and I created contrasting “textures” with ink lines.  Before Sasha left Utah, he set up his high-powered telescope and focused it on our Moon.  I was struck by the beauty of craters and textures of the moon, visible through the telescope.  New Zealand was the first continent/country I have visited in the Southern Hemisphere.  I laughed at myself upon discovering that the sun shines from the North, as opposed to the South as it does in my native Northern Hemisphere.  But I was enchanted by the evening sky in New Zealand...the same Moon, the same stars...the Southern Cross clearly visible.  The title for this series of paintings, All the Moons, came from the thirteen moons we witness each year as named by our indigenous people.  Beginning in January:  Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Worm Moon, Pink Moon, Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, Buck Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Harvest Moon, Hunter's Moon, Cold Moon and Blue Moon.  This Town Club exhibit shows the first eight of the thirteen moons, and is dedicated to Sasha St. Clair (25 June 1952 – 1 June 2015).


Toni Youngblood was born in Atlanta, Georgia and educated in the West.  She began her art training in the classical academy style. This included earnest realistic studies of the human figure taught by Maynard Dixon Stewart (son of Le Conte Stewart) in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She learned to love the Abstract Expressionists and work of contemporary artists and was fortunate to experience the work first hand of many Bay Area artists at the time, including Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, Nathan Olivera, Sam Francis. She later earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle. Training and practice as an architect for twenty-five years, continues to influence the way she examines the abstract forms used in her paintings. Her primary mediums are acrylic, encaustic and watercolor.  The past several years she has taught an acrylic painting class through Salt Lake School District Community Education.  She also paints commissions of people and pets.

Facebook: Toni-Youngblood-Studios

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