Saturday, December 3, 2016

Project for Reference

I ran across this article at Gardenista today: 

Outbuilding of the Week:
A Tiny Railroad Shed Transformed into a Design Studio in North Carolina

Above:  "The Little Depot"

The article describes a moving-a-building project similar to one I am taking on at my own home.  I'll post more here on the blog about my own project as it progresses.  In a nutshell, I will be moving a "potting shed" from the neighbor's yard across the street to my back yard.  

An old house and the potting shed are scheduled to be demolished to make way for a multi-family development on the property across the street from my home.  I asked the current owner/developer if I could have the shed.  He told me I could have it if I moved it myself and paid him the cost of the demolition permit he had to obtain for the shed.  The cost of the permit was only $100.  The cost of moving the building is estimated at around $700.  It would be less if the shed had a floor, but it is built on a concrete slab.  The shed, which is about 11'x9-1/2', was built by the previous owner and has quite a bit of character unlike one of the "off the shelf" storage sheds constructed by some of the shed companies and offered by Home Depot.  It will make a great space for my encaustic studio that is currently set up in my two-car garage.  I'll be clearing enough space in the garage to accommodate two cars.

Photos below show breaking ground on my project, which took place today.  I'm barely containing my excitement that this is project finally under way!  Lining up a concrete contractor with all of them busy with the worst of winter coming on us has been a several month-long challenge.

The contractor cleared off a space in the lawn to place the concrete slab and he dug a 24-inch deep trench from my house to the new location for the building in order to run electrical service.

Above:  The potting shed in its current location.

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