Monday, April 12, 2010

Hanging tomorrow...

Painter Lucia Heffernan, photographer Jamie Christensen and I will be installing our artwork tomorrow morning in the Mill at the Tracy Aviary. Fundraiser is Thursday night and Gallery Stroll is Friday 6-9 PM (40% of proceeds from art sales go to Aviary operations). Each of us will have a wall for grouping our work. My five paintings are shown below. Gleaning Crow - Toni Youngblood 2010
Crows in Tree at Dusk - Toni Youngblood 2010
Found a Peanut, Strutting - Toni Youngblood 2010
Allopreening Mother and Fledgling Crow - Toni Youngblood 2006
Murder of Crows on the Line - Toni Youngblood 2010

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