Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First CSA farm package

Today was the first pick up of my garden share from local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) organic Borski Farms. Today's basket included a large head of romaine lettuce, sweet English peas, a head of garlic (all picked this morning), a basil start in a pot and a pound of dried pinto beans. For lunch I had the world's largest salad with the romaine and shucked peas plus a few ingredients I already had at home (fresh spinach from the neighbor's garden, sliced almonds and a boiled egg) mixed with a light dressing. The dried pinto beans are soaking in water and I'm perusing recipes for using them tomorrow. I'm excited about this lovely relationship with delicious fresh local organic produce and the opportunity to try new recipes with items to come. Bring it on, Farmer John (Borski), not to be confused with Farmer John!!! ;o)

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