Monday, August 2, 2010

Out There

I'm happy to have these three paintings appear in an upcoming group exhibit. It is the first time my paintings from this series will be featured in a show. They are acrylic paint on canvas board and were created using melted wax as a frisket for layering acrylic paint. Melted wax does not mix well with acrylic paint. Oil paint and/or dry pigment are compatible to use for coloring the wax in encaustic painting. The use of melted wax in these acrylic paintings has been purely as a frisket or masking device as I add subsequent layers of acrylic paint colors. So I am taking advantage of the property that the wax and acrylic do not mix. When I am ready, I peel away the hardened wax to reveal the image I'm after. Sometimes there are multiple wax peelings during the course of making a painting and other times the wax is removed at the end.
Above: Calligraffiti No. 1-Waxing and Waning, 2009

Above: Calligraffiti No. 2 - Contrapunto, 2009

Above: Calligraffiti No. 3 - Writing Between the Lines, 2009

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