Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Recommendation: The Artist's Guide

The Artist's Guide:  Making a Living Doing What You Love was written by Jackie Battenfield and published in 2009.  I'm so happy I discovered this book while shopping for encaustic paints on Evans Encaustics website when the book had just been released.

I researched more about the book and author and decided to purchase a copy.  This book is no disappointment.  It is an excellent resource for visual artists in developing their careers.  It's not the only book of a similar type that I've read, but I have to say it is the best.  It is professional, practical and uses step-by-step exercises and real life examples to guide the artist.

As it says on the back cover "FINALLY, a comprehensive guide for visual artists that imparts the practical knowledge you need to build a flourishing life and career."  I have a link to Jackie Battenfield's website, artistcareerguide, on the right side bar here on my blog under "Art Related Links".  I click on it every day to see  "Jackie's Tip of the Day" on a sticky note.   Click here to learn more about Jackie Battenfield and The Artist's Guide.

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