Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Camile: I make myself at home in the cleverest of places...

Name:  Camile - Influenced by Louis XVI, and the Swedes claim me as Gustavian

I've been told that I have nice gams.

Here are some of the places I've been...
Attending parties with like-minded people

 Engaged in casual conversation with friends who are completely different than myself
 Holding my own with the younger modern crowd
 Sitting next to a bright window, having a cup of tea
Replacing Mr. Frump (who has always really wanted to move into the man cave)
A gracious hostess, greeting guests

In the boudoir . . .
In the boudoir...adding that romantic touch and sparkle you've been missing . . . wink, wink!
The time-out corner for the kids
In the bath---I really do love those arias I hear you bellowing from the shower!
Or sitting next to you while you relax in a delicious hot tub.  Tell me about your troubles and let Calgon and me take you away!

I'm available and you can find me here.  ~ Camile

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