Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebration of Dr. King's Birthday

Today is as good a day as all others to remember those less fortunate and to serve them in ways, even seemingly small.  Be aware of needs, ask how you can help and fill in and be a bridge to help others along their journey.  This morning, my friend, Karen and I volunteered to help serve coffee and breakfast to the homeless through the SLC Mission.  It may have helped these people who have no real place to call home.  But it also helped us be more aware of their situation, and opened our minds and hearts to more questions of  ways in which we can all help. It's been too long since I did this kind of volunteer work---not since investigating public toilet facilities available for use by the homeless when I was an architecture student in Seattle.  I'm kind of embarrassed now to realize that it's been so many years since I've involved myself in this kind of endeavor.  So I'm "preaching" to myself here.  :o~


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