Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's a Dog's Week

Above:  Harri and Ender in the cool pool at Camp Bow Wow late this Fall

Harri in the sun room during our first snowfall, for the first time without her "bro".  My two house mates told me that after Ender was gone, whenever I left the house Harri howled for at least an hour in her loneliness.
I decided to search the local Humane Society website for a small companion dog for Harri.

Low and behold, a most unusual find, a greyhound at the Humane Society.  Usually greyhounds come through retired racer adoption groups.  Apparently Penny (15-month-old white greyhound with copper-colored spots) was purchased as a puppy from a breeder.  In her former home, she was doted upon by her dad.  Unfortunately, Penny got into mom's chickens once too often.  When mom said, "that's enough!", tearful dad took Penny to the Humane Society.  I saw Penny on the website only the second evening she was at the facility.  Yes, I was searching for a small companion dog, but this sweet young greyhound was hard to resist.  I call her my "58-pound Chihuahua". 

Harri and Penny together in the sun room.

 In Penny, I discovered a "fan" of my saxophone playing.  Well, at least I believe she has an "affinity" for my music.

The first time I picked up my sax to play after Penny's arrival, she howled all the way through P. Martini's Gavotte.    It looks as though . . . . . . . . . . we still have a howling hound.  ;o)

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