Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Pet Portrait Christmas Gift

This is my portrait of Kobe.  Kobe belonged to my niece's family.  Kobe and my own 13-1/2 year-old greyhound, Ender both went to the Rainbow Bridge this Thanksgiving under different circumstances.  I've already paid tribute here to my hound.

Kobe, as my niece tells me, was a bold and brave dog in a little package, carrying his responsibility of protecting the family with great seriousness.  He was a black miniature Schnauzer who had no hesitation chasing off all manner of wildlife from the family property---including moose!!!  My niece commissioned this portrait of Kobe for her daughter (my great-niece) who requested it for her Christmas gift.
Dear D.E.T.:    I so enjoyed painting this portrait of your "favorite guy", With much love,  Aunt Toni (aka Sparky).

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