Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cottage in the City

 Above:  An unusual cottage home in an unusual setting for the city

Above:  Entry


Above:  Living room
  Above:  Tiny, but functional original kitchen.  With very careful planning, I was able to design an area and squeeze in a dishwasher (shown above) and coffee station (shown below).
 Above:  Dining area with tall windows make it easy for the dogs to keep tabs on what's happening on 
the street.  I had the dining chair slip covers made from Tricia Guild fabric samples---three coordinating different patterns for the six chairs.
  Above:  Dining alcove, door with trompe l'oeil painted panels.  Christmas cards on the window blinds.

 Above:  Dining alcove with view of camellia bushes through the window
Above:  My subconscious was carrying the above image when I pulled together this little dining alcove:  The Dessert Harmony in Red by Henri Matisse.

 Above:   The quality of light coming in from the eastern window inspired my painting below...
Above:  Watercolor painting Seattle Winter Table (Toni Youngblood, 2012)
 Above:  Dining buffet
 Above:  Temporary solution to a boring door:  Chalk drawing of panels and a red cat.
 Above:  A peak into the cottage studio
 Above:  Master cottage bedroom, chandelier brought back from Sicily.
 Above:  Painting of greyhound, Cricket.  (Toni Youngblood)

 Above:  Guest room
 Above: Another view of the Guest room

 Above:  Bathroom (with lovely fir wood floors and original clawfoot tub)

 Above:  Garden gate with a peak at the garden shed upon which is painted:  "Life in the village is sweeter."
 Above:  Garden shed
  Above:  Garden shed "reliquary" wall

Above:  Home Sweet Home for me for five years where warm memories were created with loving friends.

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