Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I LOVE this book!

I love this book as a resource for 20th Century design of furniture, arts, crafts, graphics and all things related. I own the edition pictured here, published in 1999. There is another edition published in 2001, the cover of which is pictured in the last photo of this post. The book lists designers, and movements alphabetically and also contains two helpful time lines in the back of the book to aid in understanding the historical placement of all elements. The footprint of the book is the size of a typical paper back novel, however there are more than 750 pages which makes this little book more than two inches thick! I keep it handy for fun especially now when I'm in need of inspiration or explanation of significance of some of the Mid-Century Modern icons I see which have gained a renewed popularity. But don't think for a minute that it's all about "modern". There's Arts & Crafts, Aesthetic Movement, Art Nouveau, Art Deco...all happening in our 20th Century! In interior design/decorating, I love mixing them together, too.

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