Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on "Rosie"

Remember "Rosie" , the rose-colored velvet settee I found a few month's back and wrote about in the "Settee in Waiting" post? Rosie has been called into service without proper uniform. The estimate for recovering the settee is way beyond the wildest extravagances of my current budget and I'm not inclined at this time to take on this upholstery task myself. My idea was to have the sofa covered in cotton painter's drop cloth fabric because I love the color and texture and the mix of that functional industrial aesthetic with the sofa's formal character. I have hauled Rosie from the garage into the (unfinished) backroom and she fits in her place, just as I had planned. For the time being, she's draped with a painter's drop cloth. I already had a couple of down-filled bolster pillows for which I will make covers from a coordinating fabric that I also already had on hand. She's a comfy gal, that Rosie---I attempted a Sunday nap on her last weekend with great success! It's easy to rationalize any decision, and I decided for now while I have housemates who may not be as careful about spills as I try to be, a draped drop cloth is practical for easy cleaning, too!
Perhaps the whole theme of the unfinished back room will be "The Unfinished"---maybe the temporary, in-progress, on-the-move, transitional, nomadic, pop-up-tent-out-on-the-Serengeti look!

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